• Alphabetic Plus | For People with Diabetics | 30 Tablets

Alphabetic Plus | For People with Diabetics | 30 Tablets

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Alphabetic is for people with diabetes and families. It is also ideal for weight reducing diets and promoting glucose metabolism. Alpha Betic Multivitamin Capsule contains Minerals and Multivitamin as active ingredients. 

Alpha Betic Multivitamin Capsule works by completing the basic needs of the body; maintaining fluid balance within body cells and acidity levels. 

It is a Sugar-Free Dietary Supplement to Support Optimal Vitality!

Alphabetics does the following: 

  • Controlled-release for energy throughout the day
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Delivers cellular antioxidant protection
  • Supports healthy eye and nerve function
  • Clinically formulated and recommended for daily diabetic nutritional replenishment.


Alpha betic formulas are specifically balanced to meet the unique nutritional needs of people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.


Once a day


What is Alphabetic Multivitamin Capsule?

It is a Multivitamin supplement used in the treatment of Mineral deficiencies, Vitamin deficiencies and other conditions. It is available on Drugstore Nigeria, Nigeria's Largest Online Pharmacy.


Alphabetic Composition

It contains minerals and Multivitamin as active ingredients.


Alphabetic Multivitamin Capsule Uses

It is effective in the treatment and control of Digestive disorders, Mineral deficiencies due to pregnancy or poor diet and Vitamin deficiencies.



Use as prescribed by a physician.


Alphabetic Multivitamin Capsule Side Effects

Possible side effects include: Stomach upset, Headache, Unpleasant taste in the mouth and some others not listed here.



Do not use this drug if you're allergic to any of its constituents. Inform your doctor about any other health conditions or medications you're taking.



Alphabetic Multivitamin capsule may interact and interfere with the effect of other drugs. Some of these drugs include: Hectorol, Calcijex, Calcitriol, Adrucil, Fluororacil, Dimercaprol, Calcitriol capacitabine, Capacitabine, Dolutegravir and Doxercalciferol.



Do not use this drug if you're hypersensitive or allergic to any of its constituents.


What is Diabetone?

It is a Multivitamin or multi mineral formulation which provides essential vitamins and minerals for people with diabetes.


Price of Alphabetic drug


Alphabetic plus is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an Online Pharmacy in Lagos for N3,900.


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