• Addyzoa | Increase Sperm Count | 20 Capsules

Addyzoa | Increase Sperm Count | 20 Capsules

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Addyzoa is a natural treatment for low sperm count, defective sperm morphology, and infertility.

Addyzoa does the following: 

  • Promotes sperm formation and helps to improve sperm count
  • Enhances sperm motility
  • Supports to improve sperm shape and size (morphology) by preventing free radical damage to the sperms
  • Improves sexual desire
  • Increases male libido



The recommended dose for Addyzoa depends on how low the sperm count is.

If it’s 5-10 million/ml, take 2 Addyzoa capsules twice a day.

If it’s more than 10 million/ml, take only 1 capsules twice a day.

In both cases, a course of treatment is 90 days.

Note: You should also avoid drinking alcohol and smoking while taking Addyzoa


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