Drugstore Nigeria is Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store where you can buy medicine.

Buy drugs, medical and hospital equipment from registered pharmacies in Nigeria and get it delivered to you.

Drugstore Nigeria enables easier and faster access to drugs.

Pharmacies can reach more customers outside its locality, and reduce drug wastage due to expiry dates or low patronage.

Patients can buy drugs confidently knowing that the pharmacy is registered and trustworthy.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

  • We are making drugs more accessible and affordable by giving buyers the option to buy the same quality of drugs at cheaper prices from different pharmacies.
  • We are making the process of getting drugs convenient, especially for patients who are ill, to have faster access to drugs.
  • We are reducing the rate at which drugs expire in the industry, and hence reducing waste, by increasing the market reach of every pharmacy.
  • We are enabling pharmacies cut down on cost by reducing the number of physical outlet a singular pharmacy needs to open just to increase the sales of drugs.
  • We are reducing the rate at which fake drugs are sold from “Chemists and unregistered Personnels”, and hence promoting registered pharmacies by giving people the opportunity to search for and find authentic pharmacies.
  • We are solving the problem of artificial scarcity of drugs by creating a directory of drugs and its availability across the country.
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